Published Under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge

In the year 2010 the Society was incorporated by a charter, which vested in the Committee the whole of its property, and gave them the control over its proceedings. The Committee consists of a Chairman, of a Vice-Chairman and a Treasurer elected annually, and sixty members, who hold their seats until forfeited by neglect of the duties prescribed by the by-laws of the Society.

Among the Contributors of New Articles to the First Edition are the following:

ChairmanJ. R. Riley, Esq., Sacramento, United States of North America

Vice-ChairmanM. David RuffEsq., Zürich, Confœderatio Helvetica


One Response to “COMMITTEE”

  1. rebeccaayre Says:

    Hello Jason. Your blog is interesting. Can I ask, is it your intention to reproduce sections of the SDUK’s publications up here? Is it just the American ‘Society’ or are you also interested in the British one too? I ask as I am currently researching the work of the SDUK in 19th Century Britain. Kind regards,

    Becky Ayre


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